roadshow_logo_medium.pngDo you remember those road trips that you used to take with your buddies to far flung cities? Where all you needed was a great attitude, a mode of transport, and a mission to meet new people and have some fun?

Our product teams have been very busy building software and haven’t had much time to enjoy those footloose days of yore… until now. We’re getting out on the road for a 16 city tour across North America and Europe, and we hope you have time to drop in and say hi.

You’re invited to enjoy some appetizers and drinks with us as we stop in various cities to talk about using the Atlassian product suite for product development, share a little about what we’re up to and, really, chat about anything you want. We’re keeping the agenda and presentations down to a minimum and instead focusing on casual conversation (and beer).

Keep in mind that if you really want to talk product and share best practices that there are (at least) two other ways to dive-in and meet Atlassians and other customers: If you’re looking for deep product information and updates and how-tos, there’s Atlassian Summit 2011. If you’re looking for an on-going community to grow with, there are 51 (and counting) Atlassian User Groups around the world.

But if you’re looking for a casual meetup of Atlassians, then join us on the road! The US locations are all locked down and you can reserve your spot today. The European locations will be added shortly (stay tuned!).

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