When readers suggested that I balance our “Worst Vendor of 2006” poll by asking for nominations for a Best Vendor of the year, I must admit I had my doubts that such an exercise would prove very useful. After all, this is the Gripe Line, and my readers are not all that attuned to saying nice things about vendors. But it turns out to have been quite an enlightening experience, not just for who won, but for all the interesting smaller companies you may never have heard of before but might want to take a look at now.

That’s how this article by Ed Foster begins. It goes on to publish the nominations of “unknowns” including…

Atlassian: “Atlassian is probably unknown to most of your readers. They provide a commercial wiki, Confluence, and an issue-tracking system, Jira, that are gaining popularity in the commercial and open-source worlds. The product kills the competition in the price/performance measurements. Each release is better than the last – we’ve experienced no regressions over the past two years. The support people are knowledgeable and work very hard to solve problems. Kudos to them!”

The article doesn’t cite who nominated us, but it’s absolutely fantastic to have been considered and included in the list!

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