SAN FRANCISCO (BUSINESS WIRE) — Atlassian announced today the release of Fisheye 2 – a web interface for Subversion, Perforce, CVS and now Git – for collaboration, monitoring, search and analysis of your source code. Fisheye 2 adds social networking to source code insight with the ability to follow your favourite developers and code to build a personalised feed of the activity you are interested in.
Fisheye 2 has a completely new user interface that brings GUI efficiency to web based source code browsing. Every source artifact has a unique URL, everything is queryable, and there are cool charts and reports. Fisheye 2 is now faster to navigate with improved usability to make it easier to understand your context. It also has better integration with Atlassian tools. For example, Fisheye pulls in activity from related Jira issues and Crucible code reviews and lets you organize projects across multiple repositories.
As Atlassian CEO, Mike Cannon-Brookes, explains, “Software is not developed in a vacuum, its written by people in a process that is about as collaborative as it gets. Superficially an SCM is just a long list of diffs, but deep down it is a network of team mates collaborating. Fisheye 2 lets you see it both ways at the same time, then slice it any way you want.”
What’s new in Fisheye 2.0

  • People & Teams – Code doesn’t write itself, you and your team do. That’s why the new UI in Fisheye 2 centres around people and their activities with a cross-repository activity stream per person, avatars, integrated issue and review activity. There are new visualizations for activity that help you understand who has been working on what.
  • Personalisation – You can simply favourite the people, repositories, directories and even files you are interested in, and your home page becomes a customised feed of just the activity you are interested in.
  • Improved Usability – With a completely revamped UI, Fisheye 2 is faster than ever to use. Quicknav (Google suggest style) search and bookmarks let you get where you are going fast. A new directory tree browser and file explorer simplify navigation.
  • Jira & Crucible Integration – Source code doesn’t just happen, Fisheye integrates issue and review activity from Atlassian’s popular issue tracker and code review tool. Hovering over issue and review ids pops up a live summary without having to go to another tool. Support for more tools coming soon!
  • Plugins – An overhauled plugin infrastructure makes it a snap to create your own reports from Fisheye’s indexes and add your own buttons throughout the new interface.
  • Git – Fisheye 2 includes experimental support for the hottest SCM of the day, Git.

Fisheye is the recipient of the JOLT award for Product Excellence. There are currently over 1,300 organizations using Fisheye including, Cisco, Comcast and Target. For more information, or for a free evaluation, please visit:
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Atlassian Fisheye 2 Released – Introducing a Social Source Code Interface