Thanks to Jive Software and its great chat software, we now offer customers instant support. If you have a support question, you can email, call, IM or submit a form—whatever is easiest for you. First you’ll probably visit the Atlassian support page like Marty Andrew did the other day. I ran across the posting, “legendary service” on his blog, “sometimes nothin’ can be a real cool hand“:

“…Right there in the middle of the screen is a big button saying ‘Live Help. Click Here’. Ok – I’ll give it a go.
atlassian_dave has joined the conversation.
atlassian_dave: hi, how can i help you?
Over about the next 2 hours, atlassian_dave stayed with me on that live chat and patiently helped me work through a bunch of possible technical problems…”

Who is this mysterious atlassian_dave and how can he help you? Well, he works at Atlassian. And, you may end up chatting with him sometime, all thanks to Jive Software.

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