We're happy to let you know that we have launched two new exciting betas for our IDE connectors.

Atlassian Connector for Visual Studio 1.0-BETA


We have also launched the first beta of our brand new Atlassian Connector for Visual Studio. The Atlassian Connector for Visual Studio is the latest addition to the Atlassian IDE connectors, which also includes the Atlassian Connector for IntelliJ IDEA.

Release 1.0 of Atlassian Connector for Visual Studio will allow you to integrate Jira issue tracker and Bamboo continuous integration server into your Visual Studio environment. Some features include:

  • Search for Jira issues quickly from within Visual Studio, or load up a list of issues from one of your favourite filters.
  • View your issues in Visual Studio and get all the details you need without having to leave your IDE.
  • Directly comment on your issues, log work against the issue, or transition your issue in its workflow.
  • Monitor your Bamboo builds in Visual Studio.

For more details of the Atlassian Connector for Visual Studio 1.0-BETA, please check out our release notes

Atlassian Connector for Eclipse 2.0-BETA


The Atlassian Connector for Eclipse 2.0 introduces numerous new features, including:

  • a new review perspective for working on reviews
  • creating new reviews from any folder, file, or code selection
  • adding files to open reviews
  • for post-commit reviews, we've added support for all SCMs which are supported in Crucible, including Perforce, GIT, and ClearCase.
  • handy pre-defined issue filters
  • restriction of comment visibility for issue comments.

In addition, Atlassian Connector for Eclipse 2.0 marks the first release where the Jira Mylyn features will be hosted by Atlassian. Previously, the Jira Mylyn Connector was hosted by the Eclipse Mylyn project. The migration is driven by Atlassian's commitment to further enhance the connector. The entire Atlassian Connector for Eclipse project will continue to be open source and distributed under the EPL.

For more details about the Atlassian Connector for Eclipse 2.0-BETA, please check out our release notes

What Next?

We want your help to make these connectors even better! If you are using Eclipse or Visual Studio, please try out these connectors, and share your feedback by:

Atlassian Connectors for Visual Studio and Eclipse – New Betas Available!