Only two weeks after our first major update to Atlassian Bonfire, we’re glad to announce that Bonfire 1.2 is available for download today! In Bonfire’s short life so far, the most requested feature has been the ability to create sub-tasks directly from the browser extension.

Sub-Tasks and Test Sessions

With Bonfire 1.2, you can now collect the defects you found during a session directly as sub-tasks of the original story (or feature or bug) that you are testing. Test sessions give teams and individuals a way to manage manual testing and collect stats around whatever the team is exploring.

For example, a tester verifying a bug fix may find several regressions and create them as sub-tasks to ensure the developer addresses these new issues prior to resolving the bug.

Bonfire browser extensions associate new issues with the active test session. Where appropriate, you can now select any ‘sub-task’ issue type available, and the issue you create will be a sub-task of the issue in the active test session.

Sub-tasks and Templates

Just like normal issues in Bonfire, you can also create templates of Sub-Tasks for any project in Jira. When creating an issue, a template for Sub-Tasks will be selectable if the active session is related to a valid issue.

Have you got Bonfire yet?

With over 1000 teams already using Bonfire, it is the hot new rapid testing tool for everyone on your team. Remember, there are only 15 days left to take advantage of the 40% off introductory pricing, so get Bonfire today!



Atlassian Bonfire 1.2 – Supporting Sub-Tasks...