On Monday, we had no idea that we would be on US national TV, but then, that’s the amazing thing about TV today: how quickly and smoothly it just happens. We got the call that morning, and by Tuesday at 10:40am, Atlassian and Accel Partners, the venture company that backed Atlassian just a few months ago, were featured on CNBC’s Power Lunch (the story was entitled VC Titan Taps the Next Hot Startup). It was perfect timing, too, because we were slotted right before the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition story hit the airwaves. No better way to captivate the testosterone-laden financial markets then back to back Atlassian-swimsuit models combo.

Back in July 2010, Accel Partners made their single biggest one-time investment in a software company, and we’ve been reaping the rewards of a great partnership with Accel ever since. Rich Wong, who is featured in the interview with our own Jay Simons, has been a great business partner and friend to the company.

In 2-minutes of airtime and sound bites, it’s pretty close to impossible to convey all the news. So take the interview for what it was worth: a fun, and rare, opportunity for Atlassian to get some spotlight. While the CNBC bits are great for PR, we remain committed to being a product development company first and foremoest, and a company that helps our customers bring their own products to market faster. What the format of the show didn’t allow us to convey is all the great product announcements coming up in the next few weeks and next 12-months. Today, we announced Bamboo 3.0, the most powerful and truly awesome version of our continuous integration tool for agile development teams. Next month, you’ll see new versions of Jira and Confluence, and there are many other upgrades to our entire suite of tools coming soon.

Thanks to everyone who watched. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming and onto the swimsuit models.

Atlassian and Accel Partners on CNBC Power Lunch...