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Each August, Atlassians around the globe put down their keyboards to celebrate a year of hard work and achievements at the annual Big Bash event.

In the past we’ve sailed yachts, joined the circus, become cowboys, and ridden Segways, but with the Sydney office now busting over the 300 staff mark what were we to do with so many competitive colleagues?

Answer… Pit them against each other in an ‘Atlassian Knockout’! Our own version of the crazy stadium ‘sports carnival for adults’ which was a staple of Australian television in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

bug jo fisheye mustash

Adding real Atlassian flair, each game was themed out to tie in with one of our products.
GreenHoppers (er, Jira Agilers) climbed mountains, Giant ‘stash’s’ were donned, Confluences crossed and Giant Pandas conquered the Bamboo maze all while our own cheerleading squad rallied us on!

The winners (Bottle Gold/Green team) took away a gigantuous trophy and 12 months of bragging rights.

All in a (hard) days work!


For a highlight of the days craziness check out our Atlassian knockout ‘episode’ below.

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