Sauce Labs lets you test your web app in any browser instantly with Sauce Scout and run your Automated Selenium tests in the cloud with Sauce OnDemand. Check out a short video here.

By integrating Sauce Labs with Atlassian OnDemand, you can synchronize comments as well as summaries and descriptions between Jira and Sauce Labs either automatically or manually.

Work smarter together.

Integrating Atlassian OnDemand and Sauce Labs lets you:

  • Use application links between Jira and Sauce Labs
  • Use the Jira Configuration Wizard to get started with default mappings
  • Use the Jira Mappings Schemes to associate projects with the desired field mappings
  • Use the Jira Diagnostics Screen to help diagnose problems
  • Use the Jira Support Screen to export config settings

Get started today.

Atlassian OnDemand, Meet Sauce Labs...