Your development and product management teams work in Jira. Your support and sales teams work in Salesforce. They all deal with product issues and need an integrated view of what’s going in order to be effective. The CustomWare Connector for and Jira links and synchronizes cases and Jira issues for an integrated experience from either interface.

By integrating Salesforce with Atlassian OnDemand, you can keep support and sales staff more informed when serving customers, give product managers a more complete view for executing product planning, and allow developers a single environment for identifying and managing product issues.

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Integrating Atlassian OnDemand and Salesforce lets you:

  • Create issues in Jira from Salesforce
  • Map multiple Salesforce cases to a single Jira issue
  • Synchronize updates and comments in Salesforce and Jira
  • Generate integrated reports across Jira and Salesforce data for product planning

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Still not convinced? Here are some testimonials from customers who have integrated Salesforce with their Atlassian development suite.

“The Customware plug-in tightly connects the two tools most vital to our organization. The plug-in gives our sales team insight into their client’s issues, our support team the means to accurately communicate the status of those issues, and our product managers the data they need to effectively prioritize and release the fixes/enhancements.”

-Aaron Wellman

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