Use Jira with Flowdock to keep your team updated on new issues and their progress. Need to discuss an issue? No problem, each action in Jira creates a new context for conversation in Flowdock. React in a heartbeat instead of days.

By integrating Flowdock with Atlassian OnDemand, you can bring activity from your project management tool (Jira), version control systems (GitHub, Bitbucket), customer feedback channels (Zendesk, email lists), wikis (Confluence) and many other sources into an easily consumable stream. Teams can then work on these issues together rather than independently.

Work smarter together.

Integrating Atlassian OnDemand and Flowdock lets you:

  • Connect your wikis, project management tools, customer feedback, Twitter feeds, and much more into one simple feed
  • Access efficient real-time group chat and retain your chat history forever
  • Upload mockups, images, code snippets, presentations or other documents

Get started today.

Atlassian OnDemand, Meet Flowdock...