10 Australian Graduates Will Spend a Week in Sydney Beach House Coding Their Next Spark of Genius

Beginning Monday, January 30th, Atlassian is sending 10 Australian graduates to “Hack House,” a beach house in Narrabeen near our Sydney headquarters, for a week of training, coding, and team building events. Oh, and don’t forget the surfing — we’ve already told our grads to pack their sunnies and tanning oil to help them withstand the hot Australian summer sun while they dream up their next innovation. The “Gradlassians,” as we’ve dubbed our team of 10, will be tasked with developing a new product feature ready for shipment by week’s end. Several of Atlassian’s top developers will also be staying at the Hack House to mentor our budding geniuses and lead their week of trainings.

“I’ve joined Atlassian because I believe that they help people with their products and make the development of software better for a large number of people,” explains Robert Massaioli, one of the Gradlassians. “I think that any useful additions that I make while working at Atlassian can help a large number of people. I like helping my fellow developers.” Adds Joshua Ali, another Gradlassian: “I, too, share a passion for software design and development, and enjoy my time at work (so much so that it doesn’t seem like ‘work’ at all!).” So what better way to blend fun and hard work together than by holding our Gradlassian hacker boot camp at a beach house?

The 10 Gradlassians, who were selected from a stellar candidate pool of more than 430 graduates, represent some of Australia’s finest talent. Each will bring a different dev specialty to the table, from online gaming to fitness apps to political research. We can only imagine what coding madness will arise when we put all 10 of these highly skilled graduates with unique backgrounds and personalities in a beach house together for five days. You can follow their progress here throughout the week.

If you’re a recent grad in the US and the Hack House sounds good to you, apply for the Atlassian grad program. If you’re still in school in the US, check out our internship program in our San Francisco office.

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