That’s right. Atlassians are a generous bunch, digging deep and donating almost $200,000 to their favourite charities in just one month.

So how did it happen? Well, we like to call it “Double Donation Matching in May” – for every $1 Atlassians donated, the Atlassian Foundation double matched it. The result: Double Happiness.

Here’s the equation:

$1 = $3

$1000 = $3000

€500 = €1500


For the month of May, up to $2,000 per person was double matched by the Foundation.

And the good news is, the generosity continues. Atlassians have an ongoing donation matching program – each year employee donations up to $1,000 are matched by the Atlassian Foundation.

The Atlassian Foundation works on a 1% model:

1% of annual revenue donated to charities

1% of employee time dedicated to Foundation projects

1% of company equity donated to the Foundation

The Atlassian Foundation is not just about giving, but rolling up our sleeves and doing. Every Atlassian also gets 5 days of paid leave each year to volunteer with their charity of choice. Stay tuned to hear more about our volunteering expeditions. 

Atlassian Foundation raises $US191k for charity in...