We’ve partnered with Atlassian Experts to host an 8-city tour in November across Europe to introduce Jira Service Desk. Learn about our newest product that can be used by IT teams to implement powerful customer portals, SLA’s, and real-time reporting. Each city will feature presentations by Atlassian Expert partners, customers, and Atlassians. You will see product and customer demonstrations, discover a roadmap of what is to come, and get your questions answered.

The full schedule is listed below:

City Date Expert Partner RSVP
Hamburg Tuesday 5/11 Catworkx  RSVP
Vienna Friday 8/11 Celix  RSVP
Berlin Tuesday 12/11 Communardo  RSVP
Frankfurt Wednesday 13/11 Seibert  RSVP
Munich Thursday 14/11 k15t  RSVP
Madrid Monday 18/11 Deiser  RSVP
Warsaw Thursday 21/11 Intenso  RSVP
Istanbul Wednesday 27/11 OBSS  RSVP

Join us to chat all things SLAs, have a beer, network with your peers, and grab some Atlassian swag. We can’t wait to see you!

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