Last week, Atlassian hosted the first live webinar on its Enterprise Offerings series, “Jira Data Center: High availability and performance at scale for your enterprise.”

Atlassian’s Otto Ruettinger, Jira Enterprise Principal Product Manager, took attendees through an overview of the Jira Data Center deployment option and how it better meets the needs of large organizations, including:

  • How it’s designed to provide high availability and performance at scale for enterprise customers
  • A brief overview of Data Center architecture
  • How the new Data Center licensing works
  • An overview of Atlassian’s new service and support offerings, which complement Data Center

Following the webinar, attendees were given a chance to ask the technical team questions about Jira Data Center and how to implement it.


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If you’re interested in Jira Data Center, or if Jira is critical for your business, this webinar is a must see.


Here are some highlights from the Q&A, which begins at 18:40 in the video:

Is the product available now?
Yes, Jira Data Center launched on July 9, 2014, and is available now.

How do we know which plug-ins are supported?
Today, there are 30+ supported plugins for Jira Data Center in the Atlassian Marketplace, and that number continues to grow. The plugins can easily be identified by the “Data Center” icon within Marketplace. Contact your plugin developer to understand when an individual plugin will be supported.

What about companies with less than 1,000 users?
At this time, the offering is focused on customers with 1,000 users or more. These users have experienced more growing pains and will see the most benefit from using Data Center. This does not mean that smaller teams cannot adopt Data Center, but the smallest pricing tier is for 1,000 users.

Will the Data Center deployment option improve performance for customers with geographically distributed teams?
At this time, Data Center does not provide geo-clustering support, so while it will improve performance, the performance increase may not be as apparent for teams located far away from the Data Center location. The best way to assess the performance is to conduct a free evaluation (see below).

Is Data Center available for evaluation?
Yes, please contact your Enterprise Advocate or Click here

What version of Jira do I have to run in order to run Data Center?
You must be on version 6.3 or later. Other requirements are available here.

What service and support is available for Data Center?
While Data Center comes with our standard support, we recommend taking a look Premier Support and Technical Account Management  to ensure you have business critical support for all your Atlassian applications.

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