Today we’re excited to announce Atlassian Bonfire 2, connecting people and teams involved in software development and testing. Bring developers and QA closer together, and get everyone exploring your web application to create high quality issues in Jira.

Share & Join Sessions

Test Sessions are the central forum in Jira to track activity while manually testing a particular story or requirement. Bonfire 2 introduces the ability to share, find and join test sessions within Jira and the Bonfire browser extension.

Testers can either create test sessions on the fly or set them up before a developer starts work – since knowing what will be tested may influence implementation. All sessions associated with an issue listed under the Test Sessions tab, and the new lozenges indicate the status of each and whether you can join that session.

As testers explore your web application, the Sessions tab in the Bonfire browser extension shows all joinable sessions.

Anyone viewing a particular session in Jira can see who is participating, and everyone’s activity is aggregated. Session history is easy to follow whether the session is active or complete.


QA Innovation

Leading up to the Bonfire 2 release, Atlassian ran a 13-part blog series raising awareness about testing innovation within the QA community. You can find all the posts in the series under the QA innovation tag, including thoughts from several viewpoints on

  • Connecting Development to QA
  • Bug Investigation
  • Beyond the Individual Tester


New Features since 1.0

With releases every few weeks for several months, it can be hard to keep up. Some of the other highlights since Bonfire 1.0 include:

  • Shared Templates
  • Session Notes
  • Filtering Sessions
  • Creating sub-tasks within the browser extension

Lots More

The entire Bonfire experience within Jira has gotten an updated look and feel for Bonfire 2, making it easier to find and share templates with your team, and the Harolds of your world can now express themselves with several new color options for all your annotations – including purple!

There’s tons more to check out, so get Bonfire 2 today!


Note: Jira OnDemand customers will be upgraded to Bonfire 2 over the next few weeks.

Test Together: Atlassian Bonfire 2 Available Today...