The conference season is starting again in Europe, and we’re kicking it off in Stockholm, Sweden at Jfokus.

Jfokus is the biggest Java conference in Sweden and runs for three days from 13-15 February. There will be a bunch of updates about software development trends; some highlights include:

  • Kevlin Henney – Cool Code
    Kevlin will show how to fit the code of a chess program into just 4.8 SMS and how to write a web server in just one line of code. The point is, that programmers should start studying code by reading more of it. There is so much free and cool code out there.
  • David Chandler – Dart Language and Modern Web Apps
    David will take a look at the frameworks and HTML5 features that are driving innovations and introduce Dart, a new language for structured Web programming
  • Neal Ford – The Curious Clojureist
    Neal is telling you why you should learn Clojure and why it is the coolest new language on the JVM. Don’t agree? See for yourself and join Neal’s session.
  • Angelika Langer – Lambdas in Java 8
    Java 8 will introduce elements of functional programming into the Java programming language – so called “lambda expression.” Angelika will explain the purpose of these new features.

The Atlassian Bar at Jfokus

What better way to end a whole day of talks than with some free beer at the famous Atlassian Bar.

Join us on Tuesday night between 6pm and 8pm for a free drink. Listen to some live Jazz music, get some food at the Jfokus buffet and mingle with all the software nerds at the conference. We will also bring some free Angry Nerds Shirts with us. Don’t be an angry nerd if you don’t get one, just have another beer and talk to us about the latest trends in software development, the new cool editor in Confluence, the upcoming Jira 5 release or the awesome Rapid Board for Scrum and Kanban teams in GreenHopper.

Hear about our development culture first hand

 I will be delivering a talk at Jfokus too. My talk, titled “How to make good teams great,” is on Wednesday, 15th February 9am. If you want to hear about about Atlassian’s ShipIt Days, 20 percent time and Dogfooding come along! Additionally you could read my German blog series about team motivation, which is also covering these topics.



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The Atlassian Bar comes to Sweden at Jfokus...