bluejimp atlassian_20150422

Atlassian has news:

We’ve acquired Blue Jimp, the mastermind team behind the Jitsi community.

Jitsi is an open source project that includes the WebRTC Jitsi Videobridge, among other technologies. The Jitsi Videobridge relays video rather than mixing it which provides improved scale with higher quality and lower latency. These are very good things.

Hipchat currently supports 1:1 video in our Hipchat Plus and Hipchat Server offerings. Blue Jimp brings a strong team of developers doing incredible things with group video chat, and we’re excited to welcome them into the Atlassian family. Blue Jimp’s technology and expertise will enable us to expand our video capabilities, all while improving your experience.

More folks than ever are using Hipchat. Teams around the world are connecting, co-workers are sharing billions of messages, and we’ve helped re-invent how work gets done. This is a big move to improve our video capabilities.

Investing in the Jitsi open source community

The best way to keep Jitsi innovative is to keep it open and in the hands of those who created it in the first place: the open source community.

In order to maintain the spirit of Jitsi’s open source community, Atlassian and Hipchat will continue to support and invest in the project. We appreciate the work Blue Jimp and the Jitsi community have done. Jitsi now has the resources to challenge just how good video can look in 1:1 chat, and in a group setting.

This is just the beginning.

Atlassian acquires Blue Jimp &