The sun was shining on Half Moon Bay, big waves crashing off the coast, the fog horn sounding its beat in the morning dew. Our annual AtlasCamp conference took place at the Oceano hotel, a hotel that housed the three day event for our ecosystem plugin developers, celebrating their contributions, offering informational sessions about new tools and fancy implementations, and bringing everyone together.

One hundred ecosystem members from around the world came for the show: corporate developers looking to customize their Atlassian deployment; system integrators excited to learn about new added features; and commercial plugin developers learning how to better sell their products and plugins. Our healthy audience of third parties was accompanied by 20 Atlassian staff, mostly from the developer relations and integration teams. AtlasCamp 2010 nearly doubled its attendee list from the previous year, up from 60 attendees in 2009. Each attendee was given a branded jacket and plenty of accompanying schwag.

The AtlasCamp agenda was packed with talks from Atlassian staff, topics ranging from new REST features, to UI libraries, to SDK features, and much more. Note that videos and slides will be posted in the coming weeks. AtlasCamp Lightening talks, given both by Atlassians and external folks, were a vehicle for announcing new plugins and sharing lessons learned and war stories. Three major takeaways from the conference are listed below:

  • Active Objects plugin – for the first time in plugin history plugin developers get access to the database, allowing one to store lots of data more efficiently
  • Atlassian UI (AUI) – plugin developers have first-class access to the same highly tested UI components that Atlassian developers use
  • Atlassian Platform – Atlassian is offering its first glimpse of its platform efforts, hopefully paving the way for development consistency between Atlassian applications

Days filled with information and technical discussion were retired with celebrations and laughter. Monday evening was the lesser of the two nights. On this eve attendees enjoyed an outdoor dinner and s’mores by the campfire, many of our international visitors experiencing this marshmallow-y American classic for the first time. Tuesday evening featured a beach-side paella dinner with Half Moon Bay Brewing Company ales. Because AtlasCamp is such a small conference, everyone really gets to know each other. By the end of the event you walk away with 100 new friends.

Thanks to our attendees, presenters, hosts, and organizers for contributing to such a fun and fulfilling event! I’m already looking forward to AtlasCamp 2011!

You can find more photos of the event here and here.

AtlasCamp 2010 Summary: Celebrating Our Developer ...