I have something to confess: I am still stoked. Now more than ever, actually; somebody should really call an ambulance or order me a pizza or something. It’s pretty serious.

My continued stokedness is due not to the agenda that was published a few weeks back, nor my recent discovery that Atlassian is actually paying for me to stay in the hotel in Half Moon Bay instead of my seriously-no-air-conditioning-or-double-paned-windows-having apartment in Oakland for a couple nights (nor, while I’m at it, to this ridiculous heat wave we’ve had for the past couple days), but is due instead to the incredible community activity we’ve had lately on the AtlasCamp 2010 Chatter Page.

Okay, yeah, we expected to have some community participation… That’s sort of the idea. But I didn’t personally expect a grassroots movement to develop a unified licensing system for Atlassian plugins, and I was also really happy to see the beginnings of a deep discussion about how we need to evolve the Plugin Exchange. Both of these are pretty important to me, in my Developer Relations role. On top of those, there are some proposed Lightning Talks that I’m pretty interested in, personally (although I have to admit I’m somewhat wary of what Matt might have up his sleeves).

All in all, I think we’ve got about ten or fifteen lightning talks scheduled right now, and I believe we’re in the process of organizing some more semi-structured time to discuss things like licensing which affect large numbers in the community. If there are more topics you’d like to see discussed (even if you aren’t registered to attend, though you ought to be!) then please don’t hesitate to post them on the Chatter Page; it’s not too late.

Oh, also on the topic of “not too late,” the Great AtlasCamp Game (was re: Herculean tasks, feats of strength, etc.) is neck-and-neck. If you have not yet registered, and you’re looking for a way to reduce your costs for the trip, let me humbly suggest that you solicit bribes to join the teams whose members are obviously trying to win 😉

As always, hope to see you all there!

EDIT: I almost forgot to mention, there’s some other interesting stuff happening at the moment as well… I figure all the talk about distributed version control could inspire some interesting new ideas in the development community.

AtlasCamp 2010: More Stoked Than Ever...