Peter.jpgIf you attended Atlassian Summit last year, you know about AtlasBar, our homage to Apple’s Genius Bar. We set up the AtlasBar at Summit 2009 to answer questions and help customers.
Last year’s AtlasBar was really fun for the support team. Answering questions in person makes doing support a completely different experience. We heard all kinds of great questions that we don’t normally handle in support, about how to extend and customise our products. As a Confluence guy I had fun helping people make their User Macros and figure out how to get the most out of the Remote API. With no system outages that need prompt attention to get in the way, it’s great to really focus on creative ways to use our tools!

Changes for 2010

Last year’s ‘Bar was hoppin’. Our desk was too small. What’s more, we realized that Summit Attendees want more than just the Support team – questions range from feature requests to integration points to development questions and everything in between. This year, we’re ready for it all:

  • Got IDEA or Eclipse? Want to do some debugging? Bring your laptop or we’ll be ready with ours, for hands-on investigation.
  • No more lines: We’ll try to minimize any waiting – we’ve got more staff ready for questions this year.
  • Topic specific tables: We’ll have tables for Confluence, Jira, and Dev Tools, so you’ll know where to go.
  • Track down a specific Atlassian: We’ll publish a schedule for who’s on AtlasBar rotation at all times of the day. We’ll have plenty of developers and product managers staffing the bar this year, so you should be able to find a time to ask that obscure question or get the right Atlassian to hear you out.
  • Get a demo: Not only did people have questions about how to configure an app they’re already using, but they also wanted to know how our other apps work. We’ll have a few people on-hand to give 1:1 demos of our entire product line.

    Location and Schedule

    The ‘Bar will be open from 1pm to 5pm on Thursday and Friday at the event. Come look for us on the 5th floor, we’ll be located close to the Sponsor Pavilion.

  • AtlasBar is Back!