We’re always interested in hearing from our customers and trying to incorporate what they want into our new releases. Using Jira, customers can request features while other customers vote for which of these features they would like to see in a product and can add comments on why its important to them. This puts our product managers in the very unique position of balancing hundreds of feature requests alongside product updates and launches—all while doing their best to stay true to our values.
Brett Jackson, Director of Product Management for Atlassian, was recently interviewed by brainmates on the topic. Here’s an excerpt:

“Product Managers are the communication hub for information from customers, partners and all the departments within Atlassian. We are entrepreneurs that personify and evangelise our product internally and externally.
We are also the air traffic controllers who chose which feature lands when, which ones have enough gas to circle for a while and which ones will not be landing on your runway at all.”

Product management is certainly a delicate balancing act that requires a keen understanding of product life-cycle management and business strategy. We do our best to get it right. To read more from Brett’s interview with brainmates, click here.
If you’re up to the challenge, Atlassian is hiring for several positions, including product management. You can find out more here .

Product Management: Atlassian Style...