At one of my visits this week, I was asked about what to do when your wiki has got too many contributions or comments from one group. How can you balance that by getting other groups to contribute as well? Email and invite them to comment. Explain the case – just say “Hey, most of the comments & edits are from others. Would you mind adding some of your thoughts too?” People respond well to invitations like this. If you’re asking a less tech-savvy group to contribute (which is more often the case; the early adopters are the ones dominating and others are not contributing as much because they’re probably feeling like they might look stupid to their more tech-savvy colleagues), remind them that it’s ok to start simple and ignore things like including images or using wiki markup,and anything other than simply adding or editing text. Once they get comfortable with text, it’s easy to add skills, but the key is getting the comfort level in place first.

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