Atlassian Day

Some of you may know that we recently celebrated our 10-year birthday. You might also know that we moved into our brand new offices in San Francisco – 45,000 square feet of awesomeness that really makes coming to work a ton of fun. (More on the office in a future post).

Anyway, we’re celebrating that fabulous combo with a little hoopla at our San Francisco office tonight, and to commemorate the special day, the kind city of San Francisco proclaimed today officially “Atlassian Day in San Francisco.” (If one of us got the key to the city, apparently we have to return it tomorrow.) The proclamation is very official-sounding and made us feel all grown-up-and-stuff, so we decided to augment it with a proclamation of our own below. Happy Atlassian Day (in San Francisco) everybody!

Whereas Atlassian, an Australian-based software company with offices in San Francisco and Amsterdam, celebrated its 10 year birthday last month, acquired Hipchat, launched Jira 5, opened a new MarketPlace, ran a multi-city event across Europe, readied for its annual Summit user conference, and generally had a pretty kick-arse month,

Whereas things got better yesterday when Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page were stack-ranked below Atlassian CEOs Scott Farquhar and Mike Cannon-Brookes in the reputable  publication known as Forbes,

Whereas on an otherwise ordinary Friday and as a great surprise to everyone in the San Francisco office, a representative from the office of the Honorable Mayor of the City and County of San Francisco, Edwin M. Lee, today appeared at our company all-staff meeting to proclaim April 13 to be (henceforth) Atlassian Day for the renovation of our amazing new office at 7th and Harrison and jobs created in the Bay Area.

Therefore, be it resolved  that we thank the Office of the Mayor by continuing to do our part in hiring amazing new staff, not just here but abroad, and continue to grow a company without a whiff of bullshit, or nary a f*$%ing of the customer.


April 13, Henceforth, Atlassian Day in San Francis...