This is a guest post by Roberto Dominguez from Comalatech, creators of the Ad-hoc Workflows Plugin for Confluence. Announced at Atlassian Summit 2010, the new Ad-hoc Workflows Exchange will get you up and running with custom workflows for your enterprise wiki content in just a few seconds. It’s a place where you can browse through a number of pre-configured workflows and discuss best practices.

There’s a workflow for that

Over the past three years, Comalatech’s Ad hoc Workflows plugin has helped organizations large and small automate key processes on Confluence. At the June Atlassian Summit we announced the Workflows Exchange to provide organizations with ready-to-use workflows for different processes and a place they can discuss best practices and share ideas. Whether you need a workflow surrounding the creation of a new policy on your intranet, or an approval process for publishing new articles in your knowledge base or public documentation, the Ad-hoc Worflows Plugin will do the trick. If you couldn’t attend Summit this year, here’s what you might have missed!

Workflows made easy

Workflows became a lot easier to build since we released Ad hoc Workflows back in March. While pro users like to model a workflow and use our extensive markup language, our aim with the Ad hoc edition is to equip everyday casual users. So, we introduced simple tools that anyone can extract, save and reuse workflows built up through user-interactions. Our mission is to democratize Workflows in the same way Wikis democratize the generation and sharing of content.

More than we can bundle

Our customers entrust us with a good deal of their context, unmet needs and actual workflows. From Document Approvals and Best Practices, to Standard Operating Procedures and Compliance: we learn what more is needed and progressively target support.

When it comes to workflows, we’ve always had the dilemma of what examples to include with the plugin. We’ve always bundled the few, most-widely applicable, well documented and solid examples along with the plugin. But most people love learning from examples, and tell us that they can’t get enough of them.The new Workflows Exchange solves that problem!

Workflows for the people

Workflow examples have always been available as markup on the Comalatech Tutorials site. Great for technical users, but a little daunting for our new end users who seldom see workflow markup. What’s the point of workflows people can’t use? Workflows for the people have to be accessible to people.

Users of the Ad hoc Workflows Plugin from 3.0.3 have new menus that access an all-new Workflows Repository. Administrators can determine who can import from the Comalatech Workflows Repository, and importing copies the workflows from the repository to be available to their users of Confluence.

See it in action!

Once you’ve installed the plugin just navigate to Space Admin > Import Workflows. Here you’ll see the list of Workflows available for download, complete with controls that make installation a snap.

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Be part of our future

In the forthcoming months we’ll continue to develop this concept – we welcome your feedback! And, we’re looking for Process Consultants, partners and end-customers to establish what you most want and what it would take to get you involved.

So, drop us a line!.

Get Started for $10

The Ad hoc Workflows plugin is available for $10 with an accompanying Atlassian Starter License.

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