For those who may have missed my fabulous @supportdiva tweet last week (pictured above), I have an exciting “social media meets support” announcement!

In the spirit of the Atlassian values Open company, no bullshit and Don’t #@!% the customer, Atlassian Support is starting a two week Twitter integration trial. During this trial, we’ll be adding a simple Tweet Your Experience button to each support issue that will allow our customers with Twitter accounts to tweet about both good and bad Atlassian support experiences.

Why are we doing this?

  • Our customers are already tweeting about support. We just want to organize it a bit.
  • If a customer is having a bad experience, we want to know quickly.
  • If a customer is having a great experience, we want to know quickly.
  • We want the Twitterverse to know what you (the customer) think of our service!

We’re providing some example Twitter text, but we want to hear what you think! Please feel free to write what you want but keep the #atlassiansupport tag and issue key (in parentheses) in your tweet.

Of course, as your Atlassian Support Diva, I (along with a few of my esteemed colleagues) will be actively monitoring your Tweets. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and stay tuned for my follow-up blog after this trial!

A small video demonstration:

Announcing Tweet Your Support Experience