This is an open call to Hugh Jackman to host Atlassian’s Charlie Awards. He did such an awesome job at the Oscars, how could we not ask? Picture: huge Aussie actor meets Fast Growing Aussie company….
Whether Hugh makes an appearance or not, we’re happy to announce the Charlie Awards at Atlassian Summit. Tell us what unique, powerful, and fun things you’re doing with your favorite Atlassian tool(s) to win a coveted Charlie Award. The award winners and prizes will be announced at Atlassian Summit.
Categories include:

  • The “Not just another wiki” Award: Best use of Confluence
  • The “Bugs, what Bugs” Award: Best use of Jira
  • Menage a trois Award: Best use of 3 or more Atlassian Tools
  • Hacker Award: Best use of a plugin(s)
  • The X-files Award: Wackiest use of an Atlassian tool

Why are they called the Charlie Awards? Atlassian is named after the mythological Greek titan, Atlas, which is represented in our logo. The Atlassian logo was nicknamed “Charlie” after Charles Atlas, the famous 1950s bodybuilder. Simple enough.
Enter the Charlie Awards today! Winners need not be present at Atlassian Summit to win, but we sure hope you can be there.

Announcing the Charlies...