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Two months ago we started the fifth installment of Codegeist, our plugin coding competition. Plugin developers had six weeks to hack on their plugins and enter to win cash prizes totally $45,000.

Announcing this Year’s Codegeist Winners

Today we’re excited to share with you this year’s Codegeist winners. The competition was fierce, plugin developers competing against 60 awesome submissions, making this Codegeist the biggest ever. And the submission quality was very high, with beautiful, fun, and useful add-ons to our products.

And the winners are …

Best Overall Plugin: EPUB Exporter for Confluence

Congratulations to Tobias Anstett for winning the $15,000 grand prize, with an awesome EPUB exporter for Confluence, allowing Confluence pages to be read within the iPad and iPhone iBooks app. Take a closer look:

Learn more and get started by viewing the EPUB Exporter for Confluence plugin entry.

Most Voted Community Prize: Jitter

Congratulations to Viðar Svansson for winning the $15,000 highest-voted plugin, with a Twitter-like communication channel within Jira, making Jira projects more social. Jitter received a whopping 893 votes! Check it out:

Learn more and get started by viewing the Jitter plugin entry.

Best use of Speakeasy: Jira Instant Search

Congratulations to Jonathan Mort for winning the $7,500 best use of Speakeasy, with Jira Instant Search. Jira Instant Search works just like Google’s instant search, updating the search results of a JQL search with each keystroke. The video explains it all:

Learn more and get started here: Jira instant search powered by Speakeasy.

More about Speakeasy

Along with Codegeist we announced a developer preview of Speakeasy, a new rapid development framework for building front-end extensions and personalizations to our products.

Best use of ActiveObjects: Jira Hero

Congratulations to Julien Hoarau for winning the $7,500 best use of ActiveObjects, with an achievements and badge game for Jira. Jira users can now gain achievements and badges for accomplishing goals while they become Jira experts. Check out some example achievements and a screen shot:

  • Raiders of the Lost Issue: Fix a year-old bug
  • The Sixth Sense: Start to watch a closed issue
  • Texas Ranger: All the workflow alone
  • Chuck Norris: All the workflow alone for more than 50 issues

Learn more and get started by visiting the Jira Hero plugin page.

More about ActiveObjects

Along with Codegeist we announced a developer preview of ActiveObjects, a new plugin data ORM that’s super fast and efficient for storing and accessing plugin data.


Congratulations to this year’s winners and participants! Each and every entry was awesome, and we’re thrilled to have had you all participate. Stay tuned for your free t-shirt, and we hope to see you again at the next Codegeist!

Announcing Our Awesome Codegeist Winners!