We’re excited today to announce public availability of Enterprise Hosting for Jira and Confluence. Enterprise Hosting is a great way to start using our wiki and issue-tracker without an upfront investment or dedicated IT resources. Your only concern is focusing on your business, not system and application administration.

A few features of Enterprise Hosting:

  • Dedicated (non-shared) instance of Jira or Confluence
  • Ability to create custom themes in Confluence
  • Integration with your existing applications via LDAP, API access, etc.
  • Enable anonymous access
  • Manage your own plugins

Enterprise Hosting is our second hosted offering following last February’s launch of our popular Confluence Hosted. In less than a year, we’ve had nearly ten thousand people sign-up to try Confluence Hosted, which makes us even more excited to expand our hosted offerings to other products.
You might be asking yourself, what does Enterprise Hosting give me that isn’t already included in Confluence Hosted? The answer is enterprise-level control. Confluence Hosted is perfect for smaller organizations who want to use the world’s greatest wiki and who don’t need additional customisation. However, some customers require things like integration with their internal applications, custom plugins, or simply outgrow what they’re using and need something more.
That’s where Confluence Enterprise Hosting comes in. You get the benefits of hosting (nothing to install, no additional license cost, automatic upgrades, etc.) and the full power of the world’s most popular enterprise wiki, with no compromises.
We’re especially excited about Jira Enterprise Hosting. We had generally assumed that developers would be less interested in a hosted bug and issue tracker. However, over the past couple of years, the number of customers enquiring about this has increased substantially, further substantiating the general acceptance of software as a service, and we’re happy to oblige. In fact, we already have a couple customers using Hosted Jira.
For more please see our press release: http://tinyurl.com/yvp8nh
Details and pricing at: http://www.atlassian.com/hosted/enterprise/

Announcing Enterprise Hosting...