Coders, start your development engines! It’s time for Codegeist III, the 2008 edition of the Atlassian plugin competition. Once again, the contest is bigger and badder than last year: we’re offering $30,000 in cash prizes, gobs of software from some of our favourite Java tool-smiths, and tickets to a few of the best developer conferences in the business.
The theme this year, taken from our brand new company values, is “Be the code you seek”. Sure, we lifted the idea from Gandhi, but we are not the first tech company to do so. And we really believe it. Codegeist is your opportunity to get in there and change, extend and improve the tools we all use every day. As Bill Joy once said, “Wherever you work, most of the smart people are somewhere else.” We know that our users have thousands of great ideas, far more than we could ever build by ourselves. So this is a perfect time to jump in and build something awesome.
We’ve added some new products since last year, so we’ve added some new categories as well. We’re giving away a $5,000 prize for six of our products:

  • Jira, the professional issue tracker
  • Confluence, the enterprise wiki
  • Bamboo, the zen-like continuous integration server
  • Crowd, our dead-simple identity management solution
  • Fisheye, the version control insight tool
  • Crucible, the painless peer code review tool

In general, the same rules as last year apply — teams of one to three people, enter as often as you like, and submissions must be BSD-licensed. There is one other change worth mentioning: any plugin written since the close of last year’s contest (on May 13th, 2007) is eligible for entry. We decided that it wasn’t in anyone’s best interested to encourage people to save up all their good ideas for two months of the year.
The contest this year will close at 11am, Friday May 9th, 2008 PDT. (We decided to end at a time that would be convenient for us in San Francisco this year, rather that midnight Sydney time.) You must have your plugin submitted by that date and time, after which no further changes will be allowed.
You’ll find all the details on the Codegeist space on And stay tuned to the Atlassian Developer Blog for updates.

Announcing Codegeist III: Be The Code You Seek...