Two weeks ago we announced our fifth Atlassian plugin coding competition, Codegeist. We announced the largest single prize we’ve ever given away, $15k in cash, along with the most total prize money we’ve ever given away, $30k. And today we’re announcing one more big prize.

More Cash: $15k for the Community Prize

We launched Codegeist with three original prizes: Best Overall Plugin; Best Speakeasy Extension; and Best Use of ActiveObjects. Today we’re introducing a fourth prize: $15k in cash for the Community Prize.

The original three prizes will be judged by Atlassians, and community votes will help bring more of the judges’ attention to your plugin. However, the Community Prize will go out to the plugin that gets the most votes, with one small catch.

Strength in Community

We’ll only give away the Community Prize if we get at least 2,000 total votes across all submitted plugins. That is, your plugin does not need at least 2,000 votes to win. Instead all submitted plugins across the entire competition need to total 2,000 votes. So when you finally submit that plugin of yours, be sure to tell your friends and ask them to give you a vote. And be sure to submit your plugins early! Early submissions have more time to get voted by the community, increasing your chances at grabbing the Community Prize and $15k in cash.

Get Hacking

Getting started with Codegeist is quick, especially with Speakeasy Extensions, a new developer preview we’ve announced with Codegeist. Speakeasy provides a new entirely client-side extension mechanism within Atlassian products. Speakeasy extensions are developed in HTML, CSS, Javascript, and any other frontend technology, making them super quick to implement.
And don’t forget about ActiveObjects, a developer preview we’ve also announced that makes plugin data access and storage efficient and easy, providing an ORM to Atlassian plugins.

So get hacking, get your friends voting, and always let us know if you have questions or comments.

Announcing $15k More in Codegeist Prizes...