Mark your calendar on August 27th and reserve one hour 9-10 AM PDT to tune in to some great content and insight into the fascinating topic of git Workflows.

Since I joined Atlassian and before I’ve been writing extensively about various technical subjects related to git, ranging from submodules to recovering from troubles and why to use forks in the enterprise.

This time I’ll hold an 40 minutes session about higher level, strategic topics. How do you choose a git workflow that increases productivity and reduces the friction of your team? What are the battle tested practices of successful teams that moved to git? How is git used inside Atlassian?

As you might have heard git has many compelling features and has gained an incredible momentum in the industry at large. Yet understanding how an enterprise team can adopt it can be daunting. During the Webinar I will cover:

  • Available collaboration models when using a distributed version control system like git.
  • Branching models that foster and enhance parallel development.
  • Emerging code practices and choices that can be safely adopted when migrating to git.
  • How Continuous Integration changes when your team embraces git.

I will assume a basic understanding of what version control is and a high level familiarity with the software development process; I’ll lead you from there. I will also be online afterwards to answer any questions you might have.

I look forward to see all of you August 27th! Registrations are limited, so reserve your spot today.

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