shirt.pngLast week, we announced Angry Nerds and, let’s just say, it didn’t go unnoticed. Thanks to coverage in everything from Hacker News to Spain’s largest newspaper, El Mundo, not to mention tens of thousands of Tweets and Facebook likes, our servers were completely flooded to the tune of 1 million page views in less than 24 hours. Clearly, you like the Nerds.

About a thousand of you took the time to complete a ridiculously-long-and-wacky email form, which in addition to asking for name, address, and phone number, included questions like Heard any good Chuck Norris jokes lately and Whatever you do, don’t complete this field.

Well, guess what? For playing along, we’re sending you an Angry Nerd t-shirt — for free. If you included a real email address in the form, you’ll be receiving an email from us shortly with a discount code that includes a free limited edition, official Angry Nerds t-shirt.

If you didn’t include a real email address, or you didn’t fill out the form, don’t get angrier. You can buy a shirt from our Angry Nerds order form. Or, keep an eye on this blog, our Twitter feed, and our Facebook group as we announce some Angry Nerds t-shirt giveaways soon.

Angry Nerds t-shirts (and you thought it was April...