We’re really excited about the the coming launch of Bonfire, our new Agile testing tool! Get the inside scoop and hear all about how Atlassian does testing on agile teams and why we created this awesome product in Andrew Prentice’s talk from Summit. Check out the full video and slides here to learn

  • The trouble with testing
  • How we go about QA at Atlassian
  • Challenges & solutions

As announced at Summit, Atlassian Bonfire is a new agile testing tool that allows people to quickly test web applications and report any bugs that arise.

Bonfire integrates with all major browsers to allow rapid capture of comprehensive bug reports when testing web applications. In the few weeks that Bonfire has been available as 1.0 beta, we’ve had almost 300 teams start using the tool – join them and you can give us your thoughts directly from any Bonfire screen.


Agile Testing with Bonfire Beta – Atlassian ...