You may have seen Edwin’s post yesterday about the user experience improvements in Jira which are being delivered with a new, more agile approach. Very cool stuff! If you’re wondering about the evolution of the user experience for the most popular agile project management tool for Jira, have no fear.
The GreenHopper team is also working hard on a slew of new usability improvements. Just to give you a little flavour of what they are working on, here is a sneak peek at the slick new version summaries:
Soon, you will also be able to do cool stuff like dragging cards between multiple pages to quickly prioritise your backlog:
Stay tuned… there’s much, much more coming soon. 😉
If you want to get involved and provide feedback shoot our GreenHopper product manager, Nicholas Muldoon, an email at nmuldoon at atlassian dot com.

Sneak peek: the GreenHopper experience