By 2014, Aeria Games faced a big challenge. They were growing like crazy. From 2012 through early 2014 they saw a series of mergers and acquisitions that led to a massive growth spurt. They quickly went from being a group of 200 to being a part of a company with over 500 people. Like any company growing that fast, they were going through some major growing pains involving internal communication.

Aeria Games

Different teams were using different tools to communicate, and almost no one was on the same page. Aeria Games needed a communication tool that could scale as fast as they were, while keeping everyone satisfied. That meant having video chat for teams that worked with partners in Asia, mobile support for those who worked on the road, and searchable history to overcome the time difference when working between Germany and the U.S.

See how Aeria Games successfully adopted Hipchat and overcame the challenges of spreading the tool across the whole company.

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Aeria Games chooses Hipchat to scale internal comm...