This weekend saw two awesome Speakeasy submissions to Codegeist: Jira admin improvements and Confluence email notification tuning. Both of these plugins I expect took only a few minutes to build, yet the impact of each of them is huge. Take a look:

Jira Admin Speakeasy Extension

This Speakeasy extension adds all sorts of improvements to the Jira admin screen:

  • filterable tables for most admin screens
  • drag and drop ordering of fields in screens
  • better control for associating custom fields with projects
  • workflow diagrams where you need them, i.e. in the workflow editor

No Email Storm in Confluence

This simple Speakeasy extension removes the “Mintor change” checkbox from the Confluence edit screen and replaces it with two buttons: “Save & Notify” and “Save.” Now the user is forced to think more about whether or not a notification email should be sent.

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Admin Improvements and Less Email with Speakeasy...