Google allows its users to customize their home pages and calls it iGoogle.

As my ShipIt project I decided to create a plugin to Jira that would allow to integrate Jira with Jira Issues Google Gadget. This plugin would enable a one-click operation that would add a new gadget onto the personalized Google Home page. This gadget would display the currently viewed filter of Jira’s Issue navigator page (up to 10 issues).

The gadget is customizable. You can set new title of the gadget, change the filter (Jira XML URL – what issues to display), items total (from range 1-10), summary length (this is so long summaries “fit” into one line), select whether you want to display icons or text and optionally set the username and password for filters that require authorization.



example of gadget with icons
example of gadget with text only

How to use this plug-in and configure the gadget

Install “Add To Google” Jira plugin

Add To Google Plugin

Make sure that XML search view is enabled

Jira plugin XML

After these steps your Issue Navigator

Issue navigator

should have a link to XML view

Issue navigator with XML view

and a link to Add To Google view

Issue navigator with Add To Google view

When you click the Add To Google Home link the following page will appear (Note: The preview gadget will only work if your Jira instance is publicly available)

Plugin page

After you copy the displayed URL and click the button the following page will appear

Add to Google

Click the Add To Google button and your gadget will be added to your Google Home page

Unfortunately, the URL must be set manually at the moment, which is a bit of a pain until Google Gadget API enables specifying user preferences in the “Add To Google” link.

To customize the gadget click on the settings arrow in the upper right corner

gadget settings open

select Edit Settings

gadget settings edit

and paste the URL into the Jira XML URL field

gadget settings jira xml url

Click Save and you are done!

example of gadget with icons

Where to go from here

The gadget itself can be added directly or via Add by URL jira-issues.xml.

More info about the gadget is at Jira Issues Gadget page (still under construction) hosted at Google Pages. Contribution can be made on Google Code hosted Jira Gadgets project.

Plugin itself is in Subversion in jira-add-to-google-plugin project.

Other ideas and improvements: It would be nice if Google finally implemented user preferences in the “Add To Google” link. That would make this plugin less pain to use… I did not know about this limitation until I got around integrating Jira with this gadget.

Add To Google plugin...