This is a guest post by Jimmy Lundström of RefinedWiki, an Atlassian Partner creating plugins to enhance the Confluence user interface.

Branding your wiki can accelerate adoption


Confluence, in its vanilla state, is a very powerful tool for collaboration, helping your employees create and share rich content online. The challenge for driving adoption within your organization is not to help people understand what a great enterprise wiki Confluence is. Instead the challenge is to create an emotional tie between the wiki and your employees–give your employees a tool they can immediately relate to.

By customizing the user interface and design, not only does Confluence become aesthetically gripping, but it also becomes easier to use. Simple steps like branding Confluence with your company’s logo and color scheme go a long way to help employees more easily identify the new collaboration tool as a part of the company, ultimately encouraging them to use the tool on a daily basis.

Getting started with branding

With the release of RefinedWiki´s Original Theme 2.0 you can customize the look and feel of Confluence. The Original Theme will help you take those first steps to create an emotional response without requiring a single line of CSS. All you need to do is install the plugin and start customizing using the Confluence UI.


How can I customize the design of Confluence?

The video below shows how easy it is to create a more familiar look and feel that matches your wiki with your logotype and company colors.

How do I customize the user interface to enhance usability?

Customizing the user interface is not all about design. Customization is also about usability. One important way to make Confluence easier to use is to organize the content in a logical way, especially as the wiki grows. The Original Theme allows you to specify categories and subcategories for spaces, improving the navigation of Confluence and allowing your users to find information more easily.

Another way to increase Confluence’s usability is to customize the look and feel of your dashboard, category dashboards, and space layouts.

The new Original Theme release also contains new keyboard shortcuts, which makes Confluence easier and faster to use. Now you can tap the “a” key to view attachments, the “f” key to view a page in full screen and you can tap the “/” key to make a quick search even when you have scrolled down a page. Take a look at the keyboard shortcuts here:

Whether you’re using Confluence as an intranet, for technical writing, or as a knowledge management tool, Original Theme is an easy way to help drive adoption and enhance the user experience.

Try it on today

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Note: Original Theme is a commercial plugin, also available free for non-profit organizations. Learn more here.

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