Hopefully by now you’ve gotten the message that Confluence 4.2 is absolutely chock-a-block full of great features. Matt introduced the improvements to notifications and comments and Ryan, not to be outdone, showed you what we’ve done to take attachment and document management to the next level. With all these improvements and new features still to come, you’re probably wondering “how can I get more people on-board the Confluence express?”

Spread Confluence Like Wildfire

Is your wiki lacking activity? Are your Spaces looking a little empty? Sounds like you might need some help getting users into your Confluence instance. Well, we’ve made it easier than ever to spread the joy of Confluence to everyone in your team and organization. Starting with making it dead-simple for Administrators to find out how to add users from the Confluence Dashboard.


Invite New Users to Sign-up

It’s now easy to get more users into Confluence with the Invite URL that you can distribute by email or chat. Don’t worry, you can reset the URL and stop additional sign-ups at anytime.

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Admins Rejoice!

The real beauty of the new invitation URL is administrators no longer have to create and distribute accounts on the behalf users. Invited users can now create their own accounts and set their own password. It’s a win-win.

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There’s even more to come in Confluence 4.2

The Confluence express is moving full steam ahead, and we’re not leaving anyone behind. So get everyone on board and start inviting more users! Stay tuned for Thursday’s post where Matt will talk about what’s next on the horizon for content collaboration.

New to Confluence?

What are you waiting for? Connect your team in one place, online where everyone can create, share, discuss, and discover documents, ideas, Jira issues, specs, mockups, projects – anything.

Accelerate Wiki Adoption with Quick and Easy User Invites in Confluence 4.2