If you’re an admin or project lead at a large organisation, you can uncross those fingers — project roles have made their way into Jira 3.7! This means developers, testers, admins, and other various users can be grouped together according to their role. Project leads even get to edit their own ‘roles’ in the Jira Enterprise Version.
As with user groups, project roles receive the same permissioning and notification schemes. The big difference is easy precision — roles make it easy to send updates to and set permissions for the appropriate people. Roles can be specified on a per-project basis whereas user groups can’t.

It’s probably worth mentioning that you can continue using user groups or migrate to project roles. Your choice. Don’t worry — we’ll have a converter that will help you transfer existing user groups into the appropriate project roles. And, if you’re not ready to switch over yet, there’s no rush.
Jira 3.7 isn’t due out for another few weeks but, as you can see, we’re very excited about this major development. Of course, there are additional new, useful enhancements in store too…those will have to wait for the actual 3.7 release notes though. 🙂

A Sneak Peek at Jira 3.7...