What do you get when you combine 35 employees, a bar, laptops, and Confluence? A great team building and social event. That’s precisely what Telenor, Norway’s largest provider of telecommunications systems, did after their quarterly meeting. Five teams hooked laptops onto a local network in a bar, grabbed some beers, and sat down and used Confluence as the means of conducting a fun, team building quiz. Paul-Rene Jorgensen described how they ran the contest:
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“When everyone was ready I distributed the login-credentials that allow browsing and commenting in this Quiz-space. The Quiz space had one main page with the children:all macro displaying 50 sub-pages, each containing a quiz-question. The teams were told that they could use all available tools (Google) to answer the questions. They answered the questions by commenting on the page.
“The last comment from each group was regarded as their answer and only the first group to answer correctly scored points on the question. You could answer the questions in any given order of course, leaving that as an option for different strategies. Everyone could see the progression on a big-screen displaying the “Recently Updated” page with reload every 60 seconds.
“The event went really well and at the end we shutdown comment access to the space. Then we went through every page and rewarded points to the first group to answer correctly.”
Telenor uses Confluence for document management and as a knowledge base, read the complete case study.

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