Is it possible create a mashup with Confluence that mimics a combination of Dell’s IdeaStorm with Digg? That’s exactly what netoCiety, a partner of Atlassian’s, did with their netoVation solution.
Stephen Danelutti at netoCiety emailed me several weeks ago to tell us about their solution, the so-called Networked Innovation Platform. Using a combination of Confluence’s Reporting Plugin, Rating Plugin, Autopage Macro, Scaffolding Plugin, Advanced Search, plus netoCiety’s own code, they’ve created a powerful new social networking tool for users within an organization to develop an idea.
I had a few questions for him after reading this overview.

Me: Is it accurate to call your solution a plugin mashup?
Stephen: Yes absolutely, that is exactly what it is! Having said that, a lot of native Confluence features and concepts are used but to achieve the core functioning of the main feature (idea creation, rating and sorting, several plugins had to be integrated and enhanced with some custom development.
If you’re already using Confluence, is it something you can download and install yourself?
If you are well versed in the functioning of Confluence and its plugins and have some knowledge of the development environment it is manageable, otherwise you may have to consult with the originators (netoCiety) and get some support, all of which is readily available.
It’s brand new, is anyone using it?
It is not in production use but it is being tested by several large blue chip companies prior to roll-out.

Upcoming Webinar
I also thought their application sounded like a perfect case study for our new Plugin of the Month webinar series. Join us on November 19th to hear Andreas Meingast at netoCeity talk about developing their application and building on Confluence. Register today.
UPDATE: This webinar was recorded on November 22, 2008 and can be watched here.

Plugins + mashup = brainstorm...