Codegeist 2011, Atlassian’s plugin development competition, is coming to a close. With $45,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs, the entries are pouring in! In this post we’ll take a look at 5 new add-ons that are bound to wet the appetities of technical writers that develop and publish technical documentation using Confluence.

1. Translate your technical documentation

Do you need to make your customer-facing or internal documentation available in multiple languages? Well, now you can continue to author in your native language and let individual Confluence users translate any page in their wiki, at-will via an embedded Google Translate option. Check out the ‘Speak My Language’ Speakeasy extension for Confluence by AppFusions in action. Seriously, seriously cool stuff.


2. Moderate comments on your technical documentation

If you are anything like Atlassian you allow your customers to make comments on your technical documentation – a great way to gather feedback and engage your customers. Now you can moderate their comments with the Moderate Comment plugin . Comments from users that have been designated as requiring moderation will be prevented from appearing in the comment stream until they are approved by a moderator.


3. Aid discovery of your technical documentation with Instant Search

Want to make it easy for your users to find the documentation they are looking for? Well, look no further! Instant Search for Confluence, yet another Speakeasy extension, replaces the default search UI with a Google like Instant Search interface. Results as you type, no clicks. You’ve got to see it to believe it.


4. Import your technical documentation from DocBooks

Have a bunch of legacy documentation in DocBook xml format lying around? In a couple of clicks you can now import it into Confluence where it’s versioned, viewable, editable, searchable by everyone. Watch just how easy it is to import your DocBook documentation into Confluence with the DocBook Importer for Confluence.


5. Integrate Confluence with Alfresco

Do you use Alfresco for your documentation management needs, but rely on Confluence for all of your free-form collaboration that happens around those documents? Connect them! The Confluence to Alfresco CMIS Integration Kit provides deep and functional integration with Alfresco serving as a backend DMS for Confluence “loose” attachments. With this integration, collaboration is increased with Confluence based file management, easy file embeds of attachments (stored on Alfresco), create, read, update, delete, preview, print, and download options, and federated search between the platforms. Words don’t do this integration justice. See it for yourself.

Start using Confluence for technical documentation for $10

With perpetual, full-featured licenses starting at $10 for 10 users, Confluence is an ideal solution for your technical documentation needs.

All Confluence licenses allow for unlimited anonymous users.


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