Over the past few months the Confluence Development Team has been hard at work on a number of exciting new features coming to you very soon with the upcoming release of Confluence 3.5. We’ve already talked about 4 small improvements that are on the way, and while we can’t share all the big new features with you just yet, we wanted to tell you about a few little gems that are bound to make the life of a Confluence Administrator a whole lot easier.

1. Notify Users of New Features with the ‘What’s New’ Dialog

Gone are the days of having to educate your users about what’s new in the latest release. Confluence now does that for you.

When you upgrade to Confluence 3.5 your users will be presented with a dialog highlighting the new features that are available to them, complete with screenshots, videos, and links to documentation. This new feature will not only help with the discovery of useful new features, but will also encourage your users to get the most out of Confluence.


Since it’s been implemented as a plugin, you can always disable this feature via the Universal Plugin Manager, a feature we shipped in Confluence 3.4. You’ll even be able to specify your own content to be displayed inside the dialog if you wish.

2. Improved LDAP Configuration & Support for Nested Groups

Satisfying the most highly requested Confluence improvement request – as voted by you – Confluence 3.5 provides support for nested groups. Additionally, 3.5 brings a number of significant user management improvements. Most notably, connecting to, configuring, and managing your user directories can now be completed via the Confluence Admin console.


More details on the LDAP improvements in Confluence 3.5 can be found here.

3. Monitor & Manage Scheduled Jobs

In Confluence 3.5, administrators will be able to configure and monitor scheduled jobs via the Confluence Admin console. Why is this such a big deal? Previously, administrators needed to extract and edit a Spring configuration file to change job schedules. Soon, admins will be graced with the following:

  • UI to enable / disable a scheduled job
  • UI to manually run a scheduled job on demand
  • UI to view the historical execution of a scheduled job (up to the last 100 executions)
  • UI to change a job’s schedule
  • Auditing of actions


4. Automated Language Detection

Confluence allows admins to set a site wide language via the Confluence Admin console. To make everyones’ lives just that little bit easier, Confluence 3.5 will automatically set a users’ default language based on their browser’s locale settings. On top of that, we’ve made it easier for users to quickly change their default language from the login screen.


Confluence ships with German and French language packs. More language packs can downloaded from translations.atlassian.com – Atlassian’s community site for crowd-sourced product translations.

5. TroubleShoot & Solve Issues with the Support Tools Plugin

Last, but definitely not least, Confluence 3.5 will ship with the Support Tools Plugin as a bundled plugin. What does it do? It helps you identify and fix issues, and contact Atlassian Support when you need help.

In a single click the Hercules Log Scanner will match error messages and problem descriptions from your logs with bug reports and KnowledgeBase articles. With the power of Hercules, you can find solutions to problems in seconds.


When you need our help, in a few quick clicks you can create an Atlassian support ticket – complete with attached logs and configuration files – so we can help you solve the problem.


There’s So Much More To Come in Confluence 3.5

I am only scratching the surface of this release. Seriously, Confluence 3.5 is shaping up to be one of our biggest releases ever. There are a tonne of new features on the way that will benefit everyone and empower users to create, share, and discover content.

It’s not too far away so stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks…

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