fb-logo.pngJust a month after its initial release, more than 1,750 downloads, and hundreds of new customers (including Facebook) joining the family, we’re almost ready to ship you the next major release of Team Calendars for Confluence.

We’ve been listening to you

Thanks to all of you that have been providing us with your valuable feedback about how we can make Team Calendars work better for you on our public issue tracker.

In this post we’ll take a look at 5 improvements that are coming soon to Team Calendars. You’ll have to wait until next week before I spill the beans on an exciting new feature we’ve get scheduled for Team Calendars 1.1 😉

1. Improved Upcoming Events View on Dashboard

Currently the Upcoming Events view on the Confluence Dashboard shows upcoming calendar events for the next 5 days. Thanks to a number of you who voted for this improvement request, soon this view only display the next 10 upcoming events, helping avoid a Dashboard that never ends!


2. Learn more about new faces in People Calendars

Next time a new face pops up in one of your People Calendars you’ll find it easier to learn more about them. You can:

  1. Hover your mouse cursor on a user’s avatar to see more details about them
  2. Click on a user’s avatar to jump to their user profile or personal space


John Price, thank you for raising this improvement request!

3. No more accidental event deletions

Thanks to Adam Durst for telling us that “currently it’s very easy to miss the edit button and delete a calendar item by mistake”.

As Adam suggested, users will be asked to confirm if they want to delete an event.


4. Better handling of recurring events

Now when you choose to delete a recurring event, you’ll have the option to delete:

  1. Only this instance
  2. All future instances
  3. All events in this series


Big thanks to Stephen Collins for raising this improvement request.

5. Discovery of new features

When you view your Team Calendars for the first time after upgrading to a major feature release, you’ll see a small dialog with a quick summary of new features that are available with a link to the release notes. We hope this will aid discovery of new features amongst your users that do not typically read release notes.


More Coming in Team Calendars 1.1

These are just a few of the small improvements we’ve made – based largely on your feedback – that are coming soon. Thank you! Please keep the feedback coming by creating new feature and improvements requests on our public issue tracker.

Keep your eye out for next week’s release announcement when we’ll reveal more new features coming in Team Calendars 1.1.

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5 Improvements Coming Soon to Team Calendars...