With submissions for Codegeist 2011 now closed, it’s time to take a closer look at all the amazing entries. We’ve already shared 5 new add-ons to enhance your technical documentation. This post features 5 awesome entries that will help make your Confluence instance an even more powerful intranet for your organization.

1. Create Personalized iGoogle-like Dashboards

The Confluence Dashboards Plugin from Adaptavist makes it easy to aggregate all the information from across your intranet, that’s most important to you, onto a single customizable dashboard. RSS feeds, wiki pages, macros, OpenSocial Gadgets – put them all on your own Dashboard and move them around with drag and drop simplicity. You’ve got to see this for yourself.

2. Put Your Wiki On Your iPad

Ever wanted to take content from your intranet and read it on your iPad when you’re in-transit or offline? Now you can! The EPUB Exporter for Confluence from K15t Software lets you browse, read, and search your intranet offline on your iPad. Coming soon to an iPad near you – check out the teaser below.

3. Searchable and Sortable Employee Directory

If all your user information lives in an LDAP or Active Directory you’ll want to check out the Enterprise Directory and Org Chart Plugin. It provides a configurable, sortable, searchable directory table of your Confluence users profiles. Best of all, it’s populated by the user information that already lives in your external user directory. Roll the tape.

4. Annotate Pages and Take Notes Inline

Ever wanted to make annotations on a page or blog post? What about take notes as you read capturing your thoughts before commenting? The Spartez Kwik Plugin for Confluence lets you do all this and more. Post personal Post-it-like “sticky” notes (a.k.a. kwiks) on pages that can be private, directed to a specified user, or public. Notes can also annotate text on a Confluence page. Yes, it’s true.

5. Monitor and Report Your Intranet Activity

By connecting Confluence to Webtrends Analytics with the Webtrends Analytics Connector for Confluence you can quickly generate dynamic reports in Confluence pages detailing:

  • visits summary
  • visitors summary
  • hit summary
  • page view summary

Monitoring your the adoption of your intranet just got real.

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5 New Add-ons to Extend Your Confluence Intranet...