In case you missed it, we released Confluence 3.5 last week. Our biggest release ever, Confluence 3.5 brought with it a tonne of new features. In this post we’ll focus on five new features that help users discover relevant wiki content and manage their notifications from Confluence. Watch the short video below to see these features in action and read on for more details.


1. Autowatch Your Contributions

Enabled by default, a new user setting called Autowatch, automatically adds you as a watcher to pages and blog posts that you create, edit or comment on so you are sent an email notification for any future edits or new comments.


Whether it’s edits to meeting minutes in your intranet, comments on your technical documentation, or changes to a spec for an upcoming release, Autowatch will keep up-to-date with the content you care about.

2. Watch Space Blogs

Would you like to know when someone adds a blog post in a Space, without having to see all other updates too? Now you can! Satisfying 112 customer votes you can now choose to receive an email notification for each new blog post from a particular Space.


Now you can discover content that’s newsworthy from the Confluence Spaces you are most interested in.

3. Share Pages and Blog Posts

Bringing the right people into the conservations and work taking place in Confluence is now easier than ever. A new Share button lets you email a link to a page or blog post, with a contextual note, to other users in seconds.


4. Personalized Email Notifications

Confluence administrators can now configure the Confluence mail server so that the ‘From’ field of email notifications contains the full name or email address of the Confluence user who made the change.


5. Adjust Your Notification Settings from Emails

It’s now possible to perform the following actions from Confluence email notifications, making it even easier for you to only receive notifications about changes to the content you care most about:

  • Stop Watching a Page/Blog Post
  • Stop Watching a Space
  • Stop Watching Space Blogs
  • Stop Following a User


What’s Your Favorite Feature in Confluence 3.5?

These are just a few of the many new features in Confluence 3.5. Tell us what’s your most favorite new feature by commenting on this post.


5 Enhancements to Notifications in Confluence 3.5...