Sandy Kemsley’s third challenge to social media/enterprise 2.0 adoption in organizations:

Having people immerse themselves in the creation and/or consumption of blogs and wikis in the wild is essential to having them understand why this is important within their company.

This is the key difference between the new generation of tools like blogs & wikis, and traditional enterprise software like intranets and content management systems. The latter two cost so much that people can’t play with them on their own and discover value that can be applied in their organizations.
Blogs and wikis, by contrast, can be set up for very low cost, or even free in some cases. That gives people a critical opportunity to get to know them, and like them as personal tools, before they fully bring them into organizations. When people become passionate about tools, and see them as an asset, that’s good for growing adoption and improving how an organization works.

4 Challenges to Wiki Adoption in Organizations: #3...