Sandy Kemsley writes about 4 challenges to social media/enterprise 2.0 adoption that organizations. The first is resistance at the high-level:

…higher-level people are more resistant to bringing in Enterprise 2.0 technologies because it represents a democratization of content and a relative loss of power at their level.

What they have to realize is that people below them will bring these tools in, even if they have to do so under the radar. She continues:

…it explains a lot about why I…have so completely embraced social applications, and actively push their use in my customers’ organizations: as an independent consultant/analyst, I have no corporate hierarchy and therefore see the value without a filter of fear.

That’s powerful, and it shows why organizations with 50,000 or 200,000 people need to start thinking like independent consultants when it comes to sharing information.

4 Challenges to Wiki Adoption in Organizations: #1 High-Level Resistance